Sunday, December 23

The year of the VEGAN in Salt Lake City!

My newest obsession is the Salt Lake Cheesesteak from Buds. Using a tahini-based cheese sauce and soy meat, this vegan sandwich is as savory, chewy and loaded with tangy cheese as the traditional! Totally addictive

2012 was an amazing year to be vegan in Salt Lake City. We were even named the "Next Great Vegan City" by VegNews magazine. No big surprise here; we all know about our little vegan treasures like Cakewalk Baking Company (I'm eating a Dillo as I write this!!) and Vertical Diner hidden around every corner.  Besides our established favorites, there have been delicious vegan and veg-friendly restaurants popping up all over this year! And every where you go, it seems like more and more people understand what "vegan" means!!

my kind of menu! a few choices and everything looks good!
Buds opened this year and it's my new favorite place for lunch. Inexpensive, tasty and fast - it's pretty much your vegan fast-food fantasy come true. Buds serves simple food that is healthy, totally gratifying and just perfect for lunch.

Another of my favorite vegan places that have opened this year is Frisch. They just started serving brunch on Saturdays and biscuits and gravy are on the menu! I can't wait to tuck into some good vegan brunch and black coffee.  
I love Frisch!
Among the veg-friendly restaurants there was Taqueria 27, who won my heart with jalapeno-flavored beer, and a delectable variety of guacamole and salsa! 

You must eat the OAXACAN MOLE!
I ordered the grilled mushroom. It was smothered with the Oaxacan Mole with
  Mulato Chiles, Mexican chocolate, and hint of cinnamon. So good. 
I chose the slow-cooked pinto beans and white rice with bell peppers as my two sides and yes, they were delicious!

So many different delicious salsas to chose from! My husband and I loved the smokey hot T27 salsa the best although they were all pretty awesome.

 Oh Mai Vietnamese Kitchen is my very favorite vegan-friendly spot that opened in Salt Lake City this year.  There is something magical about those sandwiches. The carmelized onions, pickled veggies and slices of tofu surrounded with the crispy, yet fluffiest of bread taste are the best of everything!! Perfect with an ice-cold Coke and tons of Sriracha, it's my ideal meal! And I love that it's less than $5.00!


The best vegan dish in Salt Lake City


  1. my vote is for Buds. I lose that place, but they need later hours!

    1. I totally agree! I also think they should serve spaghetti. :) There marinara is dope!

  2. I love Cafe SuperNatural. Part of the Vertical Diner club, but delicious!

    1. I adore the Vertical Diner club :) I still need to check out Cafe SupeRNatural! What's your favorite dish?

    2. You can't go wrong with the Machu Picchu. I prefer it on quinoa, but the SLTrib named the potato version as one of 2012's 10 best restaurant dishes:

      I also love the soups and the shakes aren't bad either. Been meaning to get over there and try their new(ish) quinoa oatmeal...

      Hit it up on Monday for the Meatless Monday discount.

    3. That is what I would order for sure! I really need to get over there. Soon. Thanks Jet :)

  3. Thanks for the great tip! I'll definitely be hitting up Buds soon!!