Thursday, November 22

Vegan surprises at Hong Kong Tea House

the delicious Eggplant & Tofu in Hot Pot ($7.99)

I visited Hong Kong Tea House in hopes of vegan dim sum. There wasn't any, except for a Fried Spring Roll ($2.95) and an interesting selection of tea: Jasmine, Wu Long, Po Lei, Sou Mei and Chrysanthemum ($1.00). I can't wait to try them all! My waiter informed me that all the dim sum contained pork or beef, or were contaminated (her words!) with them before swiftly snatching the dim sum menu from my hands. Next time I'll quickly order some tea and a spring roll with my entree.

I admit I was completely jealous of the other diners, spinning their spinny tabletops full of fried and steamed things. Everything smelled amazing and I was so hungry! 

The lunch menu didn't offer much in the way of vegan fare. All dishes come with meaty soup, ham fried rice, an egg roll and a fried wonton. My waiter offered me the regular menu and I was so relieved to see a small selection of reasonably priced veggie and tofu dishes. She let me know what dishes contain oyster sauce before I even asked. I had to wonder if she was vegan herself because she knew so much about the dishes!

You won't miss Hong Kong Tea House in Salt Lake City! It's adorable!
There are a few things I'd like to try on the menu: Chinese Broccoli with Garlic ($7.99),  Braised Tofu with Tender Green ($6.99) and one of my favorite dishes, Szechuan Tofu ($6.99). I decided on the Eggplant and Tofu in Hot Pot, and I was so happy I did! It's one of the best things I've eaten this year and I've been daydreaming about it all week.

a close up of the braised eggplant

The sizzling hot pot arrived at my table brimming with gorgeous purple eggplant and tofu swimming in brown sauce; I was already impressed. Digging in, the eggplant was perfectly braised and the tofu was perfectly pan fried. With a little soy sauce and steamed white rice, the Eggplant and Tofu in Hot Pot hit all the umami and carbohydrate spots in my brain.

I'm looking forward to making Hong Kong Tea House my new workday lunch escape. It's quiet and comfortable enough to read a book and unwind, inexpensive, and they really know how to cook veggies.
 And ya. I totally forgot about being slighted by the meaty dim sum menu.

and a close up of the tofu!

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  1. i so hope to visit SLC again one day and do a "best of the best vegan food spots" with you.


  2. This looks amazing! I need this in my life ^.^