Monday, October 8

Vegan Halloween treats from Cakewalk Baking Company .....

 Halloween goodies are afoot. Cakewalk Baking Company is offering their Square Pumpkins* again this year!  Order soon to insure your fill of caramel apples, possible vegan candy corn, my favorite Dillos (vegan Twinkies!!) and all sorts of wicked vegan sweets for only $25!!!  

* For those of you outside Utah, Square Pumpkins are a traditional Halloween kids meal from one of our local fast food chains, Arctic Circle. A hamburger, fries and a spooky toy would come inside a pumpkin box! Awesome.  Many of my favorite childhood memories happened at Arctic Circle, like little plastic toys on top of ice cream cones, Square Pumpkins, fry sauce (mayo and ketchup! fancyyy!) my first taco salad (why do I remember this?) and veggie burgers. They were totally ahead of the curve offering veggie burgers like 20 years ago.

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