Tuesday, October 30


This afternoon, two delicious vegan tamales saved me from being grouchy.
 I swear that microwaves and tamales are meant for each other. No other food microwaves so well! 
Topped with salsa, this was a perfect lunch.

Am I the only person who has freak-out vegan food emergencies? I hope not. For the past few years Rico's frozen burritos and tamales have always been a tasty and dependable staple in my diet, saving me from many food emergencies. Rico's vegan goods are never more than ten minutes away in Salt Lake City and they are ALL DELICIOUS.

Most food places in downtown Salt Lake City carry Rico's salsa, tortillas and frozen stuffs; the trick is to find the vegan options! So, when you see them, make sure to buy a few extras to let the store owner/manager/randompersonintheaisle/cashier know that locally-made vegan food  is in very high demand. And make sure you thank them for carrying it!

All of Rico's food is handmade, super fresh and seriously addictive, and there is LOVE in there! I can taste it. Do yourself a favor, check out the many vegan and vegetarian options that Rico's has to offer, buy extras  and eat them. Your future self will thank you!

the lovely insides!

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