Thursday, September 27

Vegan MoFo 2012. I am ready.

Are you ready for a month of non-stop rambling posts about my favorite vegan foods!? Because it's that time of year again. October means four things for me: relentless food blogging, Halloween and my wedding anniversary (which is on Halloween!) and my dear husband's birthday - all excuses to EAT and WRITE.

Vegan MoFo is short for Vegan Month of Food.A bunch of awesome food bloggers from around the world dedicate themselves to writing five posts per week about vegan food. Most of them do a much, much, much better job than I do; they give you recipes and pretty pictures and all sorts of stuff. I just kinda write about what I eat. Whatever. It keeps me busy.

Here are some of my favorite Vegan MoFo posts throughout the past few years.

2010 got off to a great start with these perfectly easy and delectable Magic Almonds ....
find the recipe HERE!

Then, I came down with a virus and was hospitalized for a week. The food was not good, but it made for an interesting blog entry.

Plain white rice, cold tofu and veggies - yuck; the funny thing is I really like tofu out of the package, but I like it swimming in soy sauce and chopped green onions.

Last year Vegan MoFo was pretty much me taking pictures and writing about whatever. I was really good at it. Here is one of my favorite entries; it was really yummy and easy!  Gardein Stuffed Turkey things totally knocked my socks off. It's still one of my favorite easy dinners. Here is the post.

Looks good, hu?

I am so ready for this year. There's a lot of product reviews I've been meaning to do, and a lot of simple recipes I haven't tried yet. This may be my best year yet! I just hope I don't get sick and end up in the hospital again. If I do, I'll be sure to bring a lot of soy sauce and Sriracha. 

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