Thursday, August 9

So Frisch and so clean!

The Technicolor Tempeh Kale Salad is my new favorite thing! It was loaded with toasted almonds, tempeh, kale and veggies, but the best part was the slightly creamy tangy dressing. Why can't I make things like this at home?!

So fresh and so clean! The food at Frisch Compassionate Eatery is just gorgeous - inside and out. The space, which used to be Rico Market, is bright and cheery. The menu is just as colorful with healthy, delicious food! And the family that brings it together is just as delightful. BUT my favorite thing about Frisch is they promote compassionate eating! Veganism is not a sacrifice; there are plenty of amazing vegan things to eat in the world. And eating here is a really good start.

A close up of "Fancy Boy", a whole wheat tortilla stuffed with fresh tomatoes, peppers, greens, Vegenaise and the most amazing spicy Soy Curls you'll ever taste!

ps. this is my 300th post! :) There's a lot of good vegan stuff to eat in Salt Lake City!

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