Thursday, June 14

The secret menu at Cindy Lee Cafe .....

Pad Thai with Tofu! Sweet, savory, limey and peanutty!!!
Cindy Lee Cafe is one of my favorite places for vegan food in downtown Salt Lake. The service is fast, the food is good and they understand I don't want fish sauce or other nasty surprises! They changed their menu recently and a lot of my vegetarian favorites were missing. For the past few months I've been negotiating the new menu. I've loved the new things, like how you can order any dish with tofu, and they now have a bottle of Sriracha at the table, but missed my favorite Thai dishes.

Veggie lo-mein with tofu. This one is especially good - smoky, savory and they serve it with fresh limes!

On my way home from work I got a mad craving for noodles and decided to stop at Cindy Lee's. As I was ordering, the owner popped out of the kitchen and asked if I wanted my usual tofu house noodles. ( I didn't order my favorite noodle dish - weird.) I almost hugged him! I didn't know if he was still managing the restaurant and I didn't think they had my old favorite dishes! They condensed the regular menu for lunch because they were getting so busy. (I believe it! All sorts of business people, construction guys and general office-y people eat lunch there!) But you can still order the from the original, awesome, vegan friendly menu!!!!

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