Saturday, June 23

Noodles for breakfast at the Downtown Farmers' Market

Ramen with local bok choy for breakfast!

Noodles for later, a few tomatoes and a lot of fresh peas!
I never really enjoyed summer until all of these markets popped up! The biggest and best market of all is the Downtown Farmers' Market in Historic Pioneer Park in downtown Salt Lake City. All the usual fun stuff was there: musicians, funky jewelry, organic veggies, cute dogs and tons of different stuff to eat (with quite a few vegan options!). But none of that really matters because my husband and I found fresh noodles, and a few minutes later we found the same company serving noodles to eat! NOODLES!

Tankinz Noodles - delicious!
Chewy, savory, fun to eat and inexpensive, Tankinz Noodles have totally made my day. The fresh pasta was 2/$5 and the prepared noodles were only $5. They also had fresh pasta available (the pappardelle had egg, but oh my gosh, it looked delicious!) and some interesting looking sauces that I'll be sure to try next time.

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