Sunday, June 10

The incredible, edible Vegg!

Sunday mornings are a good time to play in the kitchen. And breakfast was calling my name! I've had a sample of The Vegg, a vegan egg replacer, sitting around for nearly a month. I couldn't decide what I wanted to do with it; the possibilities were overwhelming. Hollandaise sauce, pasta carbonara, all sorts of eggy things that I've missed since going vegan.

 I wished I had read the instructions before dumping the whole package in the blender, because I could have tried everything I wanted to eat! Despite my inability to follow instructions, I made the recipe for french toast on The Vegg's website. And it was delicious! French toast really isn't hard to make with just soy milk, nutritional yeast and vanilla, like in my Baby Vanilla French Toast. So, while it was yummy, I wouldn't buy it to make french toast. Or tofu scramble.  I just added a few glops into my normal recipe. It gave it more of an eggy flavor, but I wasn't crazy about the texture. A sprinkle of black salt would suffice. There are a lot more interesting things that can be done with The Vegg, as evident on their website. You can even make a yolk to dip your toast in! Next time I'll be sure to explore the delicious possibilities! I can't wait!! :)

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