Sunday, June 3

Crazy for Nutty Cow

Maple Pecan, Ricotta and Garlic Herb Nutty Cow Nut Cheese

I'm convinced that being Italian, I was born with an unnatural attachment to cheese. My favorite was the goat cheese ricotta my godfather would faithfully deliver from his farm to my grandma's house. The cheese was packaged in wax paper and twisted at the ends and looked like a little present. I'd get so excited! Unwrapping the cheese, sprinkling it with salt and pepper, and eating it up with freshly made bread sticks.
My favorite thing about goat cheese was the consistency. And eating it with bread and crackers. Strangely enough, it's easy to make vegan substitutes for creamy, spread-y cheese. But I am lazy. My grandma would be surely disappointed.

Friday morning, amidst the drama of car repair, a package of three flavors of Nutty Cow Nut Cheese appeared on my doorstep. I was grateful because there was nothing to eat in the house except crackers. Our fridge had died the week before, and we decided to deal with one inconvenience at a time. This week we were focusing on getting the car fixed. We've been eating a lot of Thai food and have been keeping everything important (vodka and orange juice) in the freezer.

The package of Nutty Cow Garlic Herb disappeared within the first day. The cheese was creamy, garlicky and just perfect with the Crumb Brothers baguette I bought earlier. My omnivore husband thought it was as yummy as I did. The ricotta was especially interesting. I'd love to try it in a lasagna or cannoli because the texture was very authentic! It was dense, creamy and slightly lemony and sweet, unlike the tofu ricotta recipes I've been making that are crumbly and savory with garlic and fresh parsley. My grandma would even love this!

Since the fridge was broken, we ordered pizza from Dominoes. I ordered my usual (and possibly dorky) pineapple and black olive, no cheese, on thin crust and topped it with gobs of Nutty Cow Ricotta, basil and plenty of Sriracha hot sauce. SO GOOD. I was a happy happy vegan that night.

My favorite pizza since 7th grade, Pineapple and Olive 

The Maple Pecan Nutcheese would be perfect for waffles and pancakes. It tasted a lot like the maple pecan cream cheese I used to like on my bagels. I would also think this could be an amazing addition to rice pudding and all kinds of savory desserts.

Nutty Cow is showing up first on the East Coast (boo!) but hopefully will turn up in Utah sometime soon. Visit their website and drop them a line with questions (and requests to come to Salt Lake City!).

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