Sunday, June 17

The ballad of a broken fridge .....

Black Betty, the new fridge

I didn't have a fridge for two weeks. At first it was kinda fun like camping, but the squeaky styrofoam cooler lost its charm somewhere in the first day.
My husband and I ate deliciously processed, salty packaged noodles that contain everything you need for lunch, even a fork! (I love you itty bitty fork.) The 'Simply Asia' brand are tasty. They also print a nice, green "vegan" on the package for us! 

Just add Sriracha!

And there was the Thai food. I was shameless about this. We ate at Tea Rose Diner a lot!  Actually, now that I 'm writing this whole adventure, it seems like I took this opportunity to eat ALL THE NOODLES.
all the noodles!
 I think we may have moved up from 1.5 on the heat scale to maybe a 3 next time. Tea Rose Diner is the best place to eat in Murray and a lot of omnivores would even agree with me!

Possibly the cutest and hottest! restaurant ever. 

There were also many trips to Golden Phoenix to order from the Evergreen menu. I've become very fond of the famous #6 with half soy bits and half mushroom stems. This gives you the best of both chewy worlds! The sauce is a mellow curry, but add a little heat, and it's yummy. It comes with a crispy spring roll and brown rice for around $7. 


We didn't eat out every night; there were nights of Toast Dinners, where I'd toast some good bread, serve it drizzled with olive oil, sprinkled with nutritional yeast, salt and pepper. The olive oil would melt the nutritional yeast to create a cheesy crust on top of the bread.

Simply delicious!

Our Zombie Apocalypse food came in handy. We devoured two tins of dolmades and tons of almonds! And more Sriracha!! The best thing that came from this little adventure, is the realization that we won't want to eat all the veggie soups and chili that we have in storage. Good to know! Next time I'll be better prepared for such an emergency! 

A light meal perfect for Summer nights! 

The new fridge is so nice and shiny! And really, I don't know when grocery shopping has ever been so fun - I get to replace everything! What a nice way to start Summer.

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