Friday, May 11

Meet Scott Cornford, a vegan from Davis County

Welcome to another interview! :) Allow me to introduce you to Scott Cornford. He's been vegan for a very long time! Also he has cute kids.

1. Why are you vegan?

I thought I would try it 19 years ago when I heard Dr. McDougall on
the radio talk about reversing heart disease on a plant based diet (my
family has a history of heart disease) and I also feel bad for animals
raised in factory farms.

2. Why do you think Salt Lake has such a big vegan scene?

I think society in general is questioning where our food comes from
and the impact our eating choices have.  It is nice to have so many
choices for dining now and have more and more places know actually
know what "vegan" means.

3.  Do you consider yourself an activist? How so?

I really don't consider myself an activist although some may consider
a Mormon vegan living in southern Davis County an activist.  I just do
my best to encourage others to eat less animal products.

4. What is your favorite place to eat for the following (and why?)

  -breakfast:   Vertical Diner: They have great pancakes.
  -lunch:    Love the #7 at Evergreen House (now at Golden Phoenix) for
their lunch special.
  -dinner:  Himalayan Kitchen, I like their Coconut Korma Curry. They
have a great Indian lunch buffet too.
  -treats: City Cakes, it's nice to get a quick vegan cupcake.
  -grocery shopping Harmon's:  They have a few good vegan items - plus
they are close.
  - take-out: Curry in a Hurry, vegan fast food when I don't have a
lot of time. I really like it when they have okra curry.

5.  What restaurant has surprised you with vegan options?  It was nice
to hear that the Pie Pizzeria has vegan cheese!

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