Wednesday, May 16

The Judge Cafe

There are some days that call for a long, leisurely lunch. And alliteration. Today was such a day, so I headed to the Judge.

I love the food, the service and especially the building. The Judge is the kind of place you would imagine characters from JD Salinger's books getting lunch. It's classy, yet comfortable. And absolutely my favorite place to take my time reading and eating.

The food is good and fresh. Vegan options aren't plentiful, but the Veggie Sandwich is delicious, especially if you make sure to order it on ciabatta bread instead of the whole-wheat it normally comes with.  It's topped with oregano oil, awesome hummus, avocado, red onion, greens and tomato. You can order it with either a side salad or fries. Either option is a good choice!

black coffee with everything!!!

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