Tuesday, May 8

Hurry up Frisch!

Raw AvoPesto Salad

Rachel Arent Kade has been pretty busy lately. Besides tempting us on Facebook with delicious photos of food we can't eat yet (mean!), she's been working it on Kickstarter, collecting backers to open her vegan restaurant in Salt Lake City.

Frisch seems my kind of place. Cute.  Her food is colorful and cheery, so I can't wait to see how it feels. Lunch is my favorite, and a leisurely lunch at favorite spot can make my whole day. Poke around Frisch's Facebook page for more pretty pictures; then head over to their Kickstarter , become a backer and buy lunch for $25.00! Or get a dish named after you for only $200.00. I'm thinking Amandarin Orange something something.

Rachel took the time to answer my questions. (Thank you!) So, read on about Salt Lake's newest vegan restaurant. 

How did you decide to open a restaurant? Why vegan?
Opening a vegetarian cafe has been a dream of mine for about 8 years. I've been in the food-service industry for decades and always wanted to have my own place where I could serve food that I believed in. I love to cook and feed people and when we adopted a completely vegan diet and I got to really start experimenting with recipes & cooking became even more fun.

 When we moved back to Salt Lake and discovered what a great, thriving, vegan community we have here, I kind of dug my dream back out and brushed it off. Salt Lake is such an amazing and surprisingly diverse community. More and more people are interested in "trying" vegan foods so I think that this is a great time to be opening a vegan restaurant.

What is different about Frish?
 I love to experiment so I'm going to have a lot of rotating "specials" based off of what's fresh and what I feel like making that day! Crazy salads have kind of become my specialty and we'll have "comfort" foods like mac n' cheez bites and "nomlettes" (little crustless fritattas). I have 2 vegan kids so my life has been kind of dedicated to getting them to enjoy eating healthy and animal-free; I hope to carry that forward with a family friendly menu.

 Our location is also super bright & fun. To start we'll have light-lunch fare and take-away will be available, so if you want you can swing in and take a pint of say, yummy Technicolor Tempeh Salad home to have with dinner.

When are you planning to open?
 As for when we'll be opening....there are a ton of chaos factors in play here! If you ask my husband, he says we're opening in May already, but realistically I think June. I'd love to open tomorrow to be honest, but you know, health inspectors, business licenses....all that beureaucratic stuff takes time. We post updates every day on our facebook page though so as soon as we have a date we'll make a GRAND announcement!!

What's going on with your Kickstarter?
 Kickstarter gives people a unique opportunity to be a part of projects by supporting as a "backer" rather than investing in a traditional sense. You get free merch, free lunch, an invitation only party, I'll even name a menu item after you if you donate enough! We have until the 20th to raise our funds...when that happens (when not if!) then we can really get cooking!!!

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