Wednesday, April 4

Tea Rose Diner - The Best Thai Food!

D12. Laad Nar 
Pan-fried wide rice noodles, broccoli, cabbage, mushroom
in brown soy sauce, tofu 

Don't tell pasta, but rice noodles are my favorite. I cannot resist them. I documented this obsession with the House Noodle Showdown post, where I compared two different version of the same dish. This is hard-hitting gonzo food blogging. 

Since then I've found a new delectable dish, the Laad Nar from Tea Rose Diner. After eating at a few different Thai places in Salt Lake, I've noticed that they don't use as much oil and fresher veggies. And that makes a huge difference in vegan food! (If you need a bit of oily, just order the spring rolls - you get four rolls for like five bucks!)

I haven't mastered the heat scale, a harrowing 1 - 10, where 5 makes me cry and 1 is too mild and 2 is too hot. No matter, everything I've ever had there is amazing. My husband and I have considered not buying groceries and just eating Tea Rose Diner take-out.  (I hope we do this!!) 

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  1. Those rice noodles look scrumptious Amanda!

  2. they're so good! I can't wait to try them a little hotter!