Thursday, April 26

A Nice Coffee Break

It would be dreamy to work close to vegan bakeries like Cakewalk or City Cakes, but I don't. Happily, more and more bakeries in Salt Lake are offering cruelty-free treats and that means more happy coffee breaks for happy vegans!

Carlucci's Bakery and Cafe has quite a few vegan options. They have everything from a savory tofu scramble with toast, a tofu sandwich (that I haven't tried yet!) and a few vegan goodies like cakes and Russian Tea Cookies.

In the midst of a hectic (yet boring!?) day at work, a trip to Carlucci's was in order. Today they offered a vegan vanilla cake spotted with dried peaches and berries. I was so happy to find something cake-y! Cake is one of my new favorite foods. It was moist and flavorful, exactly what Fruit Cake should be instead of the gross Christmas stuff. I ordered an iced cafe au lait with soy milk to go with my Fruit Cake and sat outside for a few calm and delicious minutes. 

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