Monday, April 30

Healthy Herb Onion Bread

Say what you will about PETA, but they do have website full of easy recipes! I first came across this recipe in one of my first vegan cookbooks, "Don't Eat the Animals". It has a special place in my heart because it's one of the first vegan things I made!  Here it is on the website.

I like to use red onions. By looking at that picture, I can see that I need to sharpen my knife skills (sorry).  Whatever. Bread is supposed to be "rustic".  

This bread makes my favorite toast. It's savory by itself from all the different herbs, but I like to add Earth Balance and sprinkle with Nutritional Yeast. When the Earth Balance melts with the Nutritional Yeast it becomes cheesy and awesome. (Look for Nutritional Yeast in the bulk section of health food stores. It's yellow.) What a lovely way to start a day.

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