Sunday, April 8

Goddamn. I love Easter.

On Saturday we picked up our Vegan Easter Basket from Cakewalk. It was filled with three types of Dillos (vegan Twinkies! Raspberry, Chocolate and Vanilla!), Chocolate Peanut Butter Eggs, a vegan Cadbury Egg, a bunny sugar cookie, two candy bars from Go Max Go in a cute box.

My Easter Box would have been enough to make me happy, but there was so much more! The weather was beautiful, there was lots of good food to eat, the doggies were having fun and the chardonnay was flowing!

I made my first attempt at a vegan Easter Pie. It's a traditional Italian Easter dish, filled with eggs, cheese and meats. I made mine with tofu, vegan Italian sausage and vegan cheese.

put a flower on it!

My mom, the gracious host she is, prepared a spread of delectable vegan appetizers, antipasto and dips for us. She also made napkin bunny things.

Thank you Easter Bunny for a basket filled with a basil plant, jelly beans, a vegan chocolate bunny and cute chocolate eggs!

For dinner my mom made vegan potato salad and sauteed asparagus to go with my savory Easter Pie. 
Easter is serious business for Italians. And a big Italian holiday means lots of leftovers for the next week! :)

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