Monday, April 23

A Blueberry Scone

pretty little blueberry scone 

Sunday was kicked-off with my favorite activity, leisurely grocery shopping. I like the pace of our neighborhood Whole Foods; it's more mellow than the other stores. The cashier and bagger even remarked that they really liked our groceries. How sweet is that? Mostly I love it because they sell flip-flops and weird stuff and local lemon blueberry scones from City Cakes, my favorite vegan bakery in Salt Lake. These scones are really, really good. Blueberries are stuffed in there, and they're generous with the lemon glaze. Perfect for snarfing down in the car with a cup of black coffee.

 The afternoon was spent playing in the dirt, planting herbs and drinking mimosas out of plastic cups. I'm seeing a lot more days like this in my future! It was damn near perfect.

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