Wednesday, March 28

Vegan Eats from Caputo's Market & Deli

Caputo's has much more to offer than just meat and cheese. Vegan options range from pasta, olives, olive oil, vinegar, antipasto, chocolate (They have over 300 chocolate bars! The most in the United States!), lovely jams and much more. Since 1997, they've been an integral part of Salt Lake City's dining scene. They're helpful, friendly and offer a variety of food you can't find anywhere else. 

I'm kind of a olive oil and vinegar freak, so it's fun to sample all the different types they have. They even have a tasting class!  I spent forever in this section reading labels and generally poking around.

Their deli doesn't have many options, but damn, they can make a sandwich. I ordered the Roasted Pepper sandwich on a roll (instead of focaccia) and opted out on the Manchego cheese. It was delicious! The bread was good, the olive oil and balsamic vinegar was good, and my god, the roasted sweet peppers and arugula were good too. It also came with a few hot peppers and an olive. Kinda spend-y at $8.25, but entirely worth it.

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