Monday, March 19

Vegan Cheese Pizza Please! Everybody Loves The Pie!

Usually being the only vegan in your office is kind of depressing. And by depressing I mean you get left out of pizza parties. But not me! My co-workers love to try different food and never forget to feed me. :)

Today was our big office move. It was exhausting! Although it was long and boring and there was physical labor involved (boo!) I'm looking forward to trying all the fun new food places around my new office. Super excited! 

We ordered pizza from The Pie, one of the many vegan-friendly pizza places in Salt Lake City. It was loaded with Daiya and surrounded by puffy fluffy crust.

The Pie Pizzeria is a totally a Salt Lake City thing. It's been here for the past thirty years and it's everyone's favorite pizza place. And I mean everyone! Besides traditional pizzeria stuff, they offer vegan cheese, vegan beef and from what I've heard, the best vegetarian pizza around. Because everyone deserves a pizza party. But mostly vegans.

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