Wednesday, March 28

Spring Menu at Union Street Eats

Check it out people! Today Union Street Eats unveiled their new menu for 2012. I missed Taco Tuesday like a chump, but my friend Kendell (aka Bike Junkie aka Person I Steal A Lot of Pictures From For My Blog) was there to discover his new favorite taco - the Vampiro (top left).

It's stuffed with black mole beans, spicy seitan, Daiya, nopales, jalapeno, tomatoes, hot sauce and cilantro. This sounds like my kind of taco. Both Kendall and I love hot spicy food, so I'm pretty sure this will be my new favorite as well!

I stole this picture from Union Street Eats.
And lookie here. A vegan tostada!  It's called the Volcano and it's topped with beans,  grilled Daiya cheese, jalapeno, fresh salsa, ginger sour cream and cilantro. It looks like a little volcano! awwww! 

I'm excited to check these out for myself! Over and over and over. :) 

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