Friday, March 9

Salt Lake City is the new Portland

a selection of delectable tacos from Union Street Eats

Salt Lake City's vegan scene has been getting some much-deserved attention lately. VegNews awarded us the title of "The Next Great Vegan City". Larayn Clegg, the sweetheart behind my favorite lunch place, Union Street Eats, wrote an article about our vegan world featuring places like Cakewalk, Omar's Rawtopia and Vertical Diner. And bless her heart, she forgot to mention Union Street Eats.

Like I've been saying for years, Salt Lake City is a great place to be vegan.

The article prompted a lot of other media attention. There was an interview with Ian Brandt, the vegan mastermind behind most of our favorite places like Sage's Cafe, Vertical Diner and Cali's Natural Foods, on Fox 13.There was also an article in the Salt Lake Tribune (where I'm quoted!) Nextly, there will be an interview with Ian, Omar (Omar's Rawtopia ) and me. Someone must have been busy because I'm not quite sure how I got into the mix, but I'm always happy to talk about vegan food. 

The interview will be Tuesday, March 13 at 9:40 am on KCPW 88.3 am and 105.3 fm. So, tune in if you want, call in with questions, desert island scenarios and Paleo diet advice! I can't wait.

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