Monday, March 26

Harmon's City Creek - my vegan answer to lunch and dinner

Of course a grocery store is vegan-friendly. There's like fruit and stuff. It's the accoutrements that makes Harmons City Creek a vegan destination in Salt Lake City.

Unlike the other Harmon's Grocery Stores, there is no Hippie Section. The health and vegan foods are dispersed throughout the store except for a cute little corner of the produce section where they stock vegan essentials like Tofurky, Daiya and Vegenaise. They also have a bunch of different types of tofu, sprouted and whatnot.

I'll have you know I looked like a jackass taking this picture, but couldn't help myself!

But that is just the basic stuff! Harmon's have outdone themselves for vegans in Salt Lake City. And here's why:

  • An awesome deli with tons of pre-made goodforyou salads with quinoa and other grains
  • A bakery! No more looking for hidden animal products in your bread! 
  • House-made soups, green salads to-go, a decent salad bar and an olive bar
  • Smart people in the deli that know what "vegan" means
  • Local delicious vegan products like Happy Monkey Hummus
  • An espresso bar that not only uses soy milk, but they also have almond and coconut milk
Never ever pass on Happy Monkey Hummus.
 It's a great place to stop for lunch and grab something else for dinner! Now they just need to work on offering vegan desserts .......

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  1. Unfortunately, my impression was a bit more disappointing. Many of the items you naturally expect to be vegan on the hour food bar, such as Kung Pso tofu, are not. And it's great they have multiple non-cow's milk options at the coffee bar but their $ .75 soy/coconut/almond tax absolutely rubs me the wrong way.