Wednesday, March 21

Carlucci's Bakery and Cafe suprises me with a Tofu Scramble ....

A common gripe of mine is Mornings. I hate them. Assembling clothes, putting on mascara and shoes, feeding the dog and cats and getting myself out the door is hard. Add a pinch of chaos and all hell breaks loose. Moving offices have upset my normal coffee and breakfast routine something terrible.

Luckily, Carlucci's Bakery offers vegan food as well as sweet stuff, lovingly documented here. For breakfast I opted for the Tofu Scramble. For nearly $9 you get a good portion of red potatoes, tofu scramble with mushrooms, zucchini and tomatoes and toast. Unfortunately, I got mine to go and didn't have all the good breakfast stuff, like hot sauce and jam. Next time I'll be sure to prepare for my fussiness.

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