Friday, February 17

A Happy Birthday

I love you cake!
Of course there was cake. And of course I thought about the cake a lot. We have a lot of good bakery options here in Salt Lake, so this was not an easy decision. The deciding factor was marzipan.

Orange poppyseed with raspberry filling and a delectable layer of marzipan over the icing. This cake was wonderful.

At City Cakes I picked up a few other treats because it was my birthday weekend and I was a princess. A sugar-crazed birthday princess! I was overjoyed to see tiramisu. I'm a big fan of coffee/dessert. It was yummy! And how tidy to serve it in a plastic cup!

 bad phone picture! Sorry! 

Warm fresh-made corn tortillas filled with breaded and fried citrus-marinated tempeh sticks. topped with crisp cabbage, spicy bueno sauce, 
lime wedge and cilantro.
The birthday eating festivities didn't stop over the weekend. On Monday, my beloved Union Street Eats opened for the year and I was their very first customer! (stalker!)  I was so happy to be chomping on my favorite tacos ever - the La Paz.

So. Ya. It was a pretty awesome birthday. But it's good it only happens once a year because I'm absolutely sugared out.  :)

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