Thursday, February 2

Chow Truck!

I can't help it; I think it's fun to buy food from a truck. It's like the ice-cream man, but with food! And if you work across the street from the Gallivan Center, where the city's food trucks gather for lunch every Thursday, it's impossible to resist.

Usually I'm faithful to the little sushi truck, Cruzn Sushi, but not today. I've tried the Chow Truck before, but wasn't in love. Today might change that. 

Coming back to the office with a fresh salad and Asian Spiced Root Chips is a Win.  The salad was romaine lettuce with asian slaw topped with panko fried tofu with a cilantro chili pesto (and lots of Sriracha!) and was well worth $5. I could have had that alone and been happy and full. It was flavorful, had loads of different textures and the pesto was light and refreshing. And I don't mean to sound like some foodie douche, but there was just a lot of different flavors and textures. And they were good!  The chips were spicy and crunchy and root-y. They've put a lot of thought into these. The veggies include golden yukon potatoes, purple potatoes, carrots, yams, beets and lotus root and they're sweet/spicy

Chow Truck also serves decent coffee, has loads of fun canned drinks and has Sriracha. AND IT'S A TRUCK THAT SELLS YOU FOOD!!!!
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  1. I used to eat the tofu salad from Chow pretty often, and later found out the panko crust is not vegan - I think it has egg in it :(

    Great to see a vegan SLC blog!