Thursday, February 23

The Amazing Vegan Fried Egg - from the brilliant vegan mind of Jennifer Russell-Fenus

Oh. She's clever. And possibly a mind-reader because I've been craving something like this! Jennifer Russell-Fenus, who penned 'Recipes From the Kitchen of a Self-Proclaimed Veganista' posted this recipe on Facebook and was kind enough to let me post it. Now all she needs to do is make me a sandwich! :p

Behold the instructions to the very Amazing Vegan Fried Egg! 

(1) Procure a 12.5 oz block of Silken Extra Firm tofu
(2) Slice tofu in half lengthwise
(3) Slice again, lengthwise (if you can get it any thinner without it breaking, slice again lengthwise)(4) Use home canning jar lids to make a more realistically shaped fried "egg".
(4a) If you own one, you can use a donut cutter instead
(5) Carefully remove the centers so as to not break your ring. Set aside centers and edges of tofu to save for the "yolk".
(6) Spritz tofu rings with a little bit of Bragg's Liquid Aminos.
(7) In a blender or food processor, mix together tofu centers and edges, paprika, turmeric, nutritional yeast powder, and ground flax seeds mixed with water; blend until smooth.
(8) "Egg yolk" mixture.

(9) Add a little bit of oil (I used extra light olive oil) to a frying pan and heat on medium high. With a spatula, carefully transfer tofu ring to the heated frying pan. With a spoon, add a small amount of faux yolk mixture to the center of the tofu ring. Sprinkle a little bit of pepper, then cover and allow to cook until the faux fried egg begins to brown and become semi-crispy.

(10) Flip over and cook on the other side
(11) Remove from heat and enjoy :)

Check out her other recipes in her book, 'Recipes From the Kitchen of a Self-Proclaimed Veganista' from Amazon.  
 I love this book because it's full of basic, good vegan recipes. And they're not all complicated with a million ingredients and things I don't have handy. Ten years of teaching vegan cooking to newbies have paid off for us! 

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