Sunday, January 29

So Good Seaweed Roll

spring roll, Szechuan Soy Bean (yum! ) and the So Good Seawed Roll
Over a month later and I'm still craving the Evergreen menu at Golden Phoenix. According to their Facebook page, the dishes are getting more authentic as the chef's learn the menu. I've never been disappointed, but I rarely visited their old location. Dumb me!

My favorite item on the menu is the So Good Seaweed roll. I have an affinity towards vegetarian sea food, and this roll was especially delicious. It's also very clever - the seaweed makes it taste fishy, of course, but the soy on the inside is flaky, moist and savory. They made a whole vegetarian fish. Crazy. It's served with either a brown sauce, a hot and sour sauce and a spicy sauce. (I just realized that I haven't tried the sweet and sour sauce yet! Goodness.)  Either sauce is yummy.  Also - this might be TMI but leftovers are really good straight out of the fridge. With your hands. Golden Phoenix on Urbanspoon


  1. Golden Phoenix, huh? I've been looking in the Salt Lake City business directory to find new restaurants. Looks like I'm going to have to check this one out, because I'm a huge seafood fan.

  2. it's ridiculous. I think you'll really love it and become obsessed with it. :)