Thursday, December 8

Evergreen House! At Golden Phoenix! What!?

Tofu Bao

Number 7. Curry Potato Soybean
YUM. This even tastes good on a paper plate.

I never went to Evergreen House as much as I wanted, but I loved  it. My favorite dishes were the Number 7 (pictured above!) and the Broccoli and Beancurd. So, when it closed last summer I was sad because I've missed out on this huge part of Salt Lake's vegetarian history. There were so many things I hadn't tried!

Here's my chance. A new incarnation of Evergreen House lives inside of Golden Phoenix. There is a separate menu, dining area and kitchen space. (thanks Facebook for all this info!) They're located on 1084 South State Street in Salt Lake City.

I've never had Tofu Bao before and it was fascinating to me. Flaky, chewy, fried and savory with sweet sauce. I need to learn more about this dish because I've never had anything like it. The Number 7 was as I remembered. Next time I'm trying it with the mushroom stem, I bet it's fantastic!

I'm so excited to try everything on the menu. It's crazy that I'm getting a second chance to try all this great food! 

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  1. Thanks for the update. I was missing the #7!

  2. The #7 is ok with mushroom stem, but if they still have the #6 that is the best with mushroom stem, imo.