Thursday, October 27

Winterize Me.

Sooo. It's winter. Again. This year I'm finally replacing my purple 100 year old, raggedy, 10% wool coat with something a lot nicer to sheep. Wool is totally gross and unbelievably cruel.  I've gotten as many years as I could out of it and it cost me $17.00 on clearance from Target. It's kind of bulky and itchy anyway.

Since the only store I ever go to is Target, I happened to find this cute velvet pea coat for under $40.00. The only thing missing is a hood. And cat ears.

like these!

I found this reasonably priced Ninja Cat Hat on Ebay. It will be perfect for chilly walks to the bus stop and robbing liquor stores. I'm all set.

Bring it on, Winter!

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