Monday, October 24

Tofu Xpress magic!

Besides saving me millions of paper towels, the Tofu Xpress turns cheap tofu into the really good stuff! In just a few hours, it presses all the water out, leaving a dense cake of tofu that is easily cubed, covered in cornstarch and FRIED.

If the world knew how to make awesome fried tofu, I think there would be a lot more vegetarians. Just saying.

Here is the tofu when I first put it into the press. After three hours it was half the size. Magic!  I guess it does a bunch of other stuff (check out their website), but turning cheap watery tofu into awesome is more than enough for me.

All of the things I normally use tofu for (scrambles, "egg" salad and stir fry) have all been greatly improved by this clever little gadget. 


  1. That fried tofu looks awesome! This is the post that pushed me over the edge... I'm going to get a Tofu Xpress!