Wednesday, October 5

Pantry Curry


This recipe is worthy of Sandra Dee herself. Not entirely brilliant, but tasty.  Made from stuff that will last forever in your pantry, it's zombie/earthquake/apocalypse friendly. (guess who's husband spent the summer planning for disasters!!??)

holy shit.

I sauteed a chopped baked potato, some slices of eggplant, a handful of peanuts and browned Companion canned seitan (buy it from Food Fight!) with green curry sauce. After it simmered for a few minutes, it thickened up nicely. I added Sriracha, green onions and poured a cold pear cider and dressed up my prettiest princess dress and murdered people.


  1. I often find myself creating pantry meals. Sometimes they turn out to be the best dishes. You win points for including that creeptastic Sandra Lee picture.

  2. I love pantry meals, I feel better when I'm using stuff I already have.

    I haven't made green curry in too long and yours is making me want a big, giant bowl of it with rice.

  3. When I first saw this post in my reader I read it as "panty curry" to which I responded "what? maybe they're edible? this might be awesome...oh PANTRY! PANTRY! Still awesome."