Saturday, October 1

Libby Pups - hotdogs and homefries

It's a hot dog and it's  ome fries. And it took about five minutes to  make.

Canned potatoes are genius. You can make a potato salad or hashbrowns in a few minutes!

An affordable vegan red wine, Yellow Tail. Not bad for the blood of Christ.

Ya dumbass. Anyway, Field Roast makes the best veggie dog.

Yum. Hoagie rolls from Costco, Veganaise, lots of dijon mustard, hot dog, french fried onions  and lots of hot sauce. 

 The Libby Dog was born of a desire to eat homefries and hotdogs. It needs some tweaking, the sliced potatoes were way too big, so we're opting for little squares next time.  But what totally worked was the way it tasted!

So, this is how Vegan Mofo is going to roll. And since I don't want adult on-set diabetes there will be a good amount of healthy stuff, and what I pack for lunch (because lunch if my favorite meal and I want an excuse to buy a new bento box! :) )

For the month of October, I vow to post everyday with something stupid easy and delicious to eat!


  1. Damn those hot dogs look GOOD!

  2. I need those sliced potatoes in my life!

  3. that is pretty genius right there with the canned potato homefries. i rarely have the patience to make regular homefries. yours look awesome!

  4. Gimme! That meal looks so good, it's the ultimate comfort food!