Sunday, October 9

Happy Canadian Thanksgiving!

So easy and yummy! Gardein's Savory Stuffed Turky is delicious. And very appropriate for Canadian Thanksgiving. It's not rubbery and hard to cook like Tofurky. All you need to do is cook it for 25 minutes and microwave the gravy!

I made a quick salad with an orange-y garlic vinaigrette, grilled some bread and dinner was finished within a half hour!  A seemingly fancy dinner even.

olive oil, orange juice, chopped garlic and Braggs Sprinkle Seasoning


  1. Happy Thanksgiving! I like when a meal looks really special but doesn't involve 8 hours of cooking time!

  2. Thank you! Happy thanksgiving too! I don't think we have the stuffed turkey stuff here (at least not that I've seen in Toronto,) but it looks like it'd be a great thing to have on hand.

  3. Yum, that dressing sounds great! What a nice dinner.

  4. ooo, i haven't had that gardein holiday turkey. looks tasty. and i want to take this opportunity to thank canada for having thanksgiving before us so we can let y'all test all the recipes and products for us. :-)