Saturday, October 29

Gravedigger's Martini

When Snarky Vegan asked for testers for Creepy Cocktails, I jumped at the chance! Cocktails and creepy are my favorite things. I tweaked her original recipe and ended up with the very scary  ...

Gravedigger's Martini 

2 oz. vodka
2 oz. Khalua
a drop of chocolate sauce
a splash of soy milk
to rim the glass: 
Sweet and Sara's graham crackers, crushed
vegan chocolate syrup
- pour chocolate syrup onto a plate, dip martini glass into the chocolate plate and then into a plate of crushed graham crackers
Shake the first four ingredients in a cocktail shaker! Stirring just doesn't work and shaking is more dramatic anyway. This drink tastes a lot like a White Russian cookie. With lots of vodka. Or, like my husband said, "less white, more Russian". I especially like extra graham crackers crumbled in the drink, like dirt!

Keep the black cats out of the chocolate syrup!! Seriously! WTF MAX! 

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  1. umm that spider is creeeeeeeepy in there! ;)

  2. You're totally right, this really did taste like more a of White Russian cookie. I was trying to figure out exactly what that taste was... and yes, definitely more alcohol! Haha, I love your cat in the photo!! Perfect that it's black too :)

  3. Awesome name for a cocktail! Make mine a double!

  4. wow. great shot of teh drink - love teh spider!! my cat would soooo eat the syrup too :)

  5. I really should visit your blog more often. Cute dogs in outfits and tasty drinks? Count me in!