Thursday, October 20

The Curryer - hot food for cold weather!

Vegetable Korma and fresh Naan 

We all said a sad goodbye to Union Street Eats a few weeks ago, and City Dogs is closing this week. But it looks like The Curryer will be braving the elements this fall and winter to bring us delicious curries and vegan naan.

I'm so happy to hear this! They're becoming my favorite lunch destination since I don't take leisurely one hour lunches anymore.  Also, they're really cheap. Fresh naan and tons of curry for $5. 

It will be exciting to see what  they serve during the colder months. I've heard rumors of pumpkin.

Thanks Curryer! :)


  1. Where do they usually "park"? I can't see a location on their website. Thanks

  2. I haven't eaten at all the Indian restaurants in SLC, but I've eaten at most, and The Kathmandu on Highland drive is the only place I have come across that has a Pumpkin option on the menu, the "Aloo Pharshi" which is great. Everything else I have had there has been really good too...