Sunday, October 2

Bean & 'Cheese' Paninis and Loaded Baked Potatoes

Sunday night is the best time to make leftovers into something remarkable!  Baked potatoes and sandwiches are good ways to do this.

pepperjack Daiya, black refried beans, green onions and chipotle hot sauce make a damn fine panini

baked local potatoes with sauteed shallots, baby portabellos and spinach from the farmers' market weeks ago
we bought a local pumpkin (from Walmart!) and put the Halloween decorations out this weekend.

Westie smiles!


  1. Those paninis look so delicious! I love the pepperjack daiya the best.

  2. This looks like the perfect Sunday night meal, the toppings on the panini look SO good.

    Also, your dog is adorable, I love Westies.

  3. I love turning leftovers into something else! Also your dog is unbelievably cute!

  4. I just made black refried beans and I wish I had made those little paninis with my leftovers. Thanks for the inspiration.
    PS: your dog rules at being cute.