Monday, September 26

Vertical Diner - Facebook specials but still paying too much!

fries with cheese sauce and vertical sauce

house salad with ranch dressing

philly pizza steak with portabellos
breakfast sandwich with 'sausage' and tofu scramble
Like Vertical Diner's Facebook page to get special deals! Today we got cheese fries for 1/2 off!

My husband and I haven't been to the Vertical Diner for ages, so we were looking forward to visiting for lunch. Everything we ordered was tasty, but the portions were so much smaller than what we remembered. Smaller portions aren't such a bad thing, but paying $11 for half a sandwich and a small house salad kinda hurts. Even with the Facebook special, we paid a lot for lunch!

The service wasn't the best either. There was one waitress for the entire restaurant. Normally, we've experienced such great service! Our waitress didn't tell us about the daily special, and I wanted to eat it! It was a Mexican version of the Mountain (a breakfast dish with scrambled tofu, potatoes and 'sausage"), with rice, beans and who knows what else. I caught a glimpse or it on a dry-erase board after I ordered.

I'd be devastated to see Vertical Diner gone! Hopefully they'll lower prices just a bit or maybe I'm too cheap? But everything was really good! But again, it was expensive and the service was so slow.


  1. I agree....I took my boys there a few weeks ago and I was shocked at he protions compared to the price. They wouldn't accomidate me either by preparing some thongs without oil, so I ended up getting steamed vegetebles, which I paid 4.00 for a tiny plate of cabbage and a few carrot slices. I was very annoyed. The next week we went to Blue Plate (my favorite) and it was cheaper, more food than we could eat (left overs help!) and they prepared my tofu scramble with no oil like I asked, gave me a vegan pancake instead of toast, and fruit cup instead of the homefries, and they did it happily, with NO EXTRA CHARGE! They are my go to happy place now.

    I hope they do make some adjustments though, because I am more than happy to support a great local vegan restaurant like I won't give up....yet.


  2. It's so frustrating because they used to be my favorite restaurant in the world!

    Hey - want to write a guest post on Blue Plate?

  3. I agree. I love Vertical Diner/Sage's Cafe for their great food, but feel that the prices are too high.

    We went to Vertical for my birthday this year. The food was great, but the wife had an experience that will make it so she'll never go back.