Thursday, September 8

More and more in love with Union Street Eats (yep, more GF foods!)

Tacos La Paz -- Warm freshly-made corn tortillas filled with breaded, citrus-marinated tempeh sticks, and topped with crisp cabbage, three-pepper buenos sauce, lime wedge and cilantro. 3 *  Horchata -- Fresh-made with sweetened almond milk blended with rice, spices and served over ice. 3
Okay. Maybe I can hang with Gluten Free. This burst of optimisim and un-puffiness is brought to you by
 my favorite vegan taco cart, Union Street Eats. They offer a delicious variety of GF tacos, chips and yummy drinks.

I haven't had a chance to visit them very much because I'm chained to a desk all day. Today was their first day at their new location, close to my work! (don't stalk me!)  It's such a great location! It's right by the City Library and the City County Building (where I got married! I'm married, don't stalk me!) There are lots of benches and picnic tables where you can enjoy the beautiful fall weather and some remarkable vegan Mexican food.
200 East 400 South 
Washington Square Park
(across from the city library)

Pretty pretty pretty.

the tempeh was ready for its close up! :)

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