Wednesday, September 7

Gluten - Free drama

I feel like I'm losing my mind this week! Also, I'm dressed very fancy. Just kidding about that last part. In trying to get healthy, I'm driving myself absolutely mad, and I'm wondering if it's worth it.

Sugar was simple to give up. It's been about three weeks now with only a mere nibble of a cookie. I haven't missed it at all, save for last night where I was fighting a pms-induced craving for peanut butter/chocolate ice cream.

Caffeine was suprisingly easy to give up. Really. I have no idea why. No headaches, nothing.

I stopped taking my anti-depressants because they make me feel boring and fat, that's been okay for the most part. Last night I felt a little weird, so I took them and feel fine this morning. When I've stopped taking them (accidentally) I always felt bad a few days later, It's been at least 2 weeks without, so I feel like this is the right time to do away with them! 

Gluten is a total bitch. That's all I'm saying about that.

And finally, alcohol. That's just been the worst. I miss cocktails. I love cocktails. They are a bright spot on a boring day.

So. We'll see how this all works out. Mostly I'm surprised at my inability to give up gluten even though it makes me feel terrible. Alcohol doesn't even make me feel that bad!  I need to go into to Gluten Rehab. Hopefully, I can find one that is also a reality show. That would be the be the best! I'd cry and cry and get mascara all over my face and bring in hidden breadsticks. :)

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  1. Gluten is one of those things that I'm tempted to try removing from my diet, but it seems hard and boring. So I really admire your efforts.