Thursday, September 22

$2 tacos at Union Street Eats

More taco porn from Union Street Eats!!  Everything from shredded seitan with cactus strips to jackfruit! Crazy!   


Your delicious choices:
  1. Tacos La Paz -- Warm freshly-made corn tortillas filled with breaded, and fried citrus-marinated tempeh sticks, and topped with crisp cabbage,  spicy three-pepper buenos sauce, lime wedge and cilantro. 
  2. Tacos Rancheros -- shredded seitan simmered in garlic-chile sauce, topped with white Daiya cheese, grilled nopales cactus strips, pinto beans and tomato. 
  3. Tacos Soyrizos -- spicy soyrizo fried with rice, onions, tomatoes, and topped with avocado, ginger-lime sour cream and cilantro. 
  4. Tacos Barbacoa -- Grilled jackfruit simmered in a smokey chipotle-tequila barbeque sauce and topped with crisp cabbage and ginger sour cream. 
  5. Tacos Gringos -- Seasoned Smart Ground with grilled onion and garlic, and topped with cheddar Daiya cheese, shredded lettuce and tomato.
Even Max is craving tacos! And your soul!

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