Monday, August 15

things I want to eat right now. this very minute.

Work is totally putting me out today. People keep asking me things and telling me to do things. I'm covering at the front desk, so I can't do my regular job. and whine whine whine.

I want these foods and I want them NOW.

1. Fat Elvis Pudding Pops.
They're originally from The Type A Housewife , but I found them reposted by Vegansaurus. I want to eat them.

2. Jalapeno Poppers from  Heavy Metal Vegan Cooking.
oh no! i stole this picture off the internet! it's not vegan. sue me. 
I am hungry and grouchy! And counting down the minutes until I can escape to the comfort of my home, with kitties, a doggy and a sweetie. :)

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