Monday, August 29

Gluten Free at the Oasis Cafe

My first day gluten-free was a cinch and I don't feel puffy, so I'm calling it a success! And I had a new weird food! Double success!

Pictured about is the Tasting Plate from The Oasis Cafe. There were so many different tastes and textures on my plate; I was in love. You can also order this with toasted ciabatta bread and pita. That's probably even more amazing, but I'm committing myself to gluten-free this week to see if I feel less puffy and tired. The Tasting Plate came with fresh romaine, marinated cucumber noodles (sweet and tangy!), a artichoke heart tapenade (delicious!), the best hummus I've had lately and caponata with eggplant, raisins, cashews and who knows what else.  

I've never even heard of caponata. Traditionally it's made to go with fish, and sometimes even contains fish. Weird.


  1. I love caponata. My Mother has made it for as long as I remember and we never had it with fish, and certainly not with fish in it. Capers, eggplant, tomato, olives-- not sure what else but YUM. We usually ate it with crackers as a dip. Good stuff.

  2. hot damn that looks good! :) I hope the gluten-free thing works out or you figure out what's up with the puffyness.