Thursday, July 7

The Days of '47 Rodeo. The saddest "sport".

Chris LeDoux - © 2010 Greg Wright

The chutes are bustin' wide open for the
 2011 Days of '47 Rodeo
From spine-cracking bronc rides & bone-crunching bull fighting...

That's how their advertising this horrific event. Bone-crunching.

The Days of '47 Rodeo is a Utah tradition spanning over 150 years. I remember going when I was young. The arena was smelly, dirty and watching the animals being tortured was not a good time for me. The calf-roping was especially hard to watch. My little guts wrenched when the baby was thrown to the ground. I may as well have been watching a dog get kicked.

Any compassionate person finds this "sport" appalling, but what can you do to stop it? Here are some ideas from In Defense of Animals

What You Can Do

- Educate others about the cruelty of the rodeo by writing a letter to the editor whenever a rodeo comes to your town.

- Contact rodeo sponsors and urge them to withdraw their support for this inhumane "sport." Click here to get contact information for rodeo's biggest corporate sponsors.

- Hold a demonstration outside the rodeo to make attendees and the media aware that brutalizing animals is not entertainment.

- Lobby your local and state government officials to enact stricter laws governing rodeo operations. You can start small, asking that legislators require the presence of a veterinarian at all events; that they outlaw particularly cruel events like calf roping (also called tie-down roping) and steer-wrestling; or that they ban the use of cruel rodeo gear, such as spurs, bucking straps and electric prods, as was done in Pittsburgh.

For more information on the cruelty of rodeos, click here.

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