Thursday, July 7

Cruzin Sushi. Veggie rolls from a truck!

happy me! yummy veggie roll!
Every Thursday Salt Lake's food trucks gather at Gallivan Plaza. We only have a few food trucks so it's, um, kind of an event for us. Out of the four or five trucks around, there are little vegan options, but still. It's fun to get food off of a truck!

Chowtruck has a few vegan options, but truthfully, they're not very good.  Torta Truck has lots of great vegan snacks like Lara Bars and nuts, and I'm sure they could make you a decent veggie sandwich. I haven't been there, but it's on my To Eat list. Stay tuned. The other trucks didn't have anything vegan. Not even the cupcake truck. Boo.

Today I tried Cruzin Sushi, and despite the dead fish on the side of the truck, cut into sushi pieces (Suicide Food, anyone?) they had a few veggie dishes. I ordered the Teriyaki Bowl with tofu and the fresh vegetable roll.
hello fried tofu!

The Teriyaki Bowl can be ordered with brown rice, but I think it would have been tastier with white rice as I could barely taste the teriyaki sauce. The veggies were bland, but the tofu was fried and it was delicious! This is worth trying again. It was only $5.00 and you get a decent amount of food.

Look! fresh veggies and tofu!

On to the Vegetable Roll! I loved it!! It was loaded with fresh veggies, greens and tofu. It was only $5.00 as well. You can also order it with tempura fried veggies. I'm really excited to try that one.

Sushi from a truck is so much easier to deal with than a restaurant. Seeing all the dead gross fish and stuff and whatever else is so not appetizing.

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