Thursday, July 14

Broccoli Salad. Wonderful and Easy.

Sometimes wonderful people at work feed me wonderful things! This is one of them. Minus the bacon. :)  Thanks Kathy! 
Broccoli of course
 Craisins (cranberry raisins)
Roasted and salted Sunflower Seeds
Sliced Almonds
Red Onion diced (1/2 cup)
Real Bacon Bits (if you want)

All of the above is to taste or sight

Dressing is Poppy Seed Dressing I buy Brianna's Home Style Poppy Seed Dressing

Mix it all together 1 hour before serving.

That's it.....easy and good

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  1. I'm putting this on my "to make" list. It looks really good! How cool of your co-worker.