Thursday, July 21

Bayleaf Cafe is no place for vegans

Most every restaurant has a vegan item on the menu. Not the Bayleaf Cafe. Not one.

The tofu dish I had (and loved!) when they first opened is made with chicken broth. "So, there's nothing?" I nervously asked the waitress and scanned the sandwiches to see what I could piece together. I was already comfy with a big jar of ice water and the new issue of VegNews. It would have been more awkward to leave at that point.

I'm on optimistic person, so I ordered a veggie sandwich and fries. I left it up to the chef how to make the sandwich, and I felt confident in ordering fries. What I ended up with was frozen fries, two pieces of iffy bread, bad tomatoes, good cucumbers and lettuce. Oh well.

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