Thursday, June 23

Utah Arts Festival

Pad Thai
Today I got to take a work field-trip to the Utah Arts Festival. It was about a million degrees outside, and I was wearing a cardigan and way too many clothes and shoes that hurt. I totally know how to have a good time.

This plate of Pad Thai was endless! Somehow I managed to eat most of it.
The iced tea was really nice on such a hot day.
They had plenty of beer and wine, but since I was with work people I opted for a refreshing iced tea. There was a lot of food there, but the only place offering vegetarian options was Sawadee Authentic Thai Food. I was more than pleased! 

My Pad Thai was delicious. They had a big bowl of crushed peanuts, so I opted for extra. They also had hot sauce. I was happy!!! And very full!
Thank goodness for Thai food! There wasn't much else to eat for a vegan.

This is the only art I liked.
As for the rest of the festival, I kind of hate art. And being outside. And sunshine. And artists. I found one piece that I would have liked to buy, but I don't have $200 to spend on a neat skull. But I'll be back for the food and the people-watching!


  1. Hahahaha this cracks me up! "I kind of hate art. And being outside. And sunshine. And artists." I feel you.

  2. I think we're kindred spirits! :P