Thursday, June 30

I'm in love with Union Street Eats

Quesadilla -- Two locally-made flour tortillas filled with white soy cheese, diced green chiles, and then fried crispy. Served with salsa, guacamole and ginger sour cream.

Sexy Quesadilla close-up

Tacos La Paz -- Warm handmade corn tortillas filled with breaded, citrus-marinated tempeh sticks, and topped with crisp cabbage, three-pepper buenos sauce, lime wedge & cilantro.

Tacos Gringos -- Seasoned Smart Ground with grilled onion and garlic, and topped with cheddar Daiya soy cheese, shredded lettuce and tomato.

freshly made tortilla chips with chunky salsa
This Mexican food cart is the stuff of vegan dreams. Not since the Vertical Diner opened up a few years ago have I had such ridiculously delicious vegan food and been so excited about a new place to eat.

My friend and I checked out Union Street Eats today, their second day of business. We were both won over by how friendly the owners were - and we hadn't even tried the food yet! We split an order of tacos (two tacos are $6.00 and come with chips and salsa) and a quesadilla (a decent lunch in itself for $5.00). We also ordered the summery Limon Shaker ( Fresh squeezed lemon-lime juice, agave sweetened and shaken with ice - $3.00).

The food looked gorgeous. Like fancy restaurant gorgeous. Everything was delicious - from the cheesy quesadilla to the Tacos La Paz, which reminded me of my beloved and sometimes-missed  fish tacos. I've never tried breaded tempeh before! It was perfect instead of fish. All the food  was made from scratch, and the tortillas were made fresh that morning. The tortillas also stood up to the ingredients without breaking or getting soggy.

My friend, who is a committed omnivore, loved everything as much as I did. That is saying a lot! She especially loved her Taco Gringos and the Limon Shaker. We're looking forward to coming back and trying dessert and everything else on the menu. Like on Monday.

I'm so happy to see another vegan cart downtown. Between City Dogs and Union Street Eats, there's no reason to support a non-vegan place! Besides supporting a vegan business, it's like you're making a little donation to Ching Farm Sanctuary. They give 5% of their profits to the best farm in the state - another reason to eat their everyday!


  1. Their food looks & sounds amazing! Ginger sour cream is especially intriguing to me. :)

  2. I went opening day and also fell in LOVE! Especially with the tacos La Paz...

    p.s. Have you tried the Vegan Tempeh Reuben at the new Trolley Whole Foods? Another crave-worthy use of tempeh :-)

  3. I haven't even been to the new Whole Foods yet. That sounds so good - love the same thing at Vertical. What other vegan things do they have to eat? I should check it out soon. Fanks. :)

  4. The sour cream was so good! and there wasn't a ton of it. I normally skip any kind of sour cream.

  5. I went there yesterday, too, and I will be going back on Saturday. The Pepperjack Quesadilla was to die for!

  6. I'm excited to try that. I haven't even had the pepperjack daiya yet!